The Founder

Colombina's visionary founder hailed from the department of Valle del Cauca; a man who was able to leverage the region's natural blend of agricultural abundance, warm temperatures and rich soil to create an extraordinary tropical-fruit candy cornucopia that has charmed generations of consumers.

Cesar A.

The President

As president, Cesar Caicedo brought with him a new vision for the company that took the business to a whole new level spurring Colombina’s growth, not only in Colombia, but also overseas by opening up subsidiaries and diversifying the product portfolio entering new food segments. From this juncture, he went on to consolidate strategic international alliances and spearhead a vigorous sustainability strategy - a series of strides that have garnered recognition for Colombina in the business world.

Time Line

The 30's

Manufactured candy began to catch on, replacing homemade candy lollipops went on to become affectionately known as 'Colombinas'. Not too long after that, Colombina became one of the major companies on the continent.

The 40's

Jaime Hernando Caicedo

Don Hernando Caidedo's son was renowned for his entrepreneurial drive, which allowed him to propel the company toward a new era of leadership, leveraging rapid-development strategies that led the company to further expand at home and abroad.

The 60's

In 1960, Colombina's manufacturing process incorporated European manufacturing techniques in a move to do away with artificial flavoring and start turning out fillings and marmalade made from the region's own rich tropical fruit assortment.

In 1965, Colombina began to export its products making it the first factory in South America to vie with European candy in the world's largest confectionary market - the United States.

In 1968, Colombina built a brand new factory in the township of La Paila in Valle del Cauca to meet its newfound growing international demand.

The 70's

In 1970, Colombina launched the innovative gum-filled lollipop. Correctly predicting the "boom" this novel 'bon bon' would cause, Colombina dubbed it Bon Bon Bum. ('b-u-m' in Spanish is pronounced like 'boom' in English).

Bon Bon Bum quickly became Colombina's star product leaping across gender and age boundaries.

In 1975, Colombina launched its melt-in-your-mouth Coffee Delight candy, which rapidly became its iconic candy.

In 1979, Nucita chocolate cream was launched packaged in two colors and two flavors. Kids across the nation quickly took to the novel mix of colorful flavor.

The 80's

Colombina expanded in the 80's by entering the buscuits market with its acquisition of Splendid, and by joining forces with companies like the famous chocolate-filling producer Peter Paul, Japanese food manufacturer Meiji Seika, and refreshment giant General Foods.

Over 25 years ago, Colombina formed an alliance with Seatech International for the exclusive distribution rights to Van Camp tuna and sardines.


Colombina formed an alliance with the Colombian National Coffee Federation to distribute Buendia brand instant coffee.

Colombina's Guatemala CAPSA factory went into operation to seal a partnership with the Grupo Pantaleon Concepcion Group to meet the demands of the Central American market.


Colombina entered the ice cream category with its acquisition of Inalac, LIS ice cream.


Colombina purchased the Robin Hood ice cream company, renowned across the nation for its quality and rich flavor.


Colombina entered the saltine cracker category when it launched its Crakeñas brand soda crackers.

Colombina inaugurated one of its most ambitious projects during the first decade of the 21st century by setting up its permanent 'Colombina del Cauca' Free Trade Zone. This move made the company much more competitive in the biscuits market both at home and abroad.


Colombina bought C.I. Comexa S.A., the Amazon brand hot sauce and raw chili pepper material company.

Colombina established a strategic historic alliance with LivSmart, a leading company in healthy drinks in the Americas. Since then, the two companies have jointly developed, commercialized and distributed health drinks.


Colombina's focus going forward is to move towards healthier products that meet consumer needs, with boosted nutrition delivered with the flavor and quality consumers expect.

Given the current market trends, the company has launched Colombina 100%, an umbrella portfolio of products free of artificial colors and flavors, with nutritional benefits in each product. With this innovation Colombina becomes one of the leading food companies aligned with market trends in wellness and healthy eating.


In line with Colombina's strategy of opening markets worldwide, the Company aqcuires Fiesta S.A., one of the leader confectionery brands in Spain, in order to build up a strong presence in the European market. During this year, Colombina acquires the total of CAPSA’s stocks.